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Laker logo is 67 years old

In 1940, when Eloise Irvine designed a Detroit Lakes logo, she figured it was for her graduating class.

Now, 67 years later, that logo is still in use at Detroit Lakes Public Schools, and Irvine is amazed.

"Here I thought it was just for our class," she said. "Other than that, it's crazy."

When Irvine was a senior in 1940, the schools didn't offer art classes. She took part in the school newspaper, The Detronian, and the stencil work on it. She said her principal at the time, Mr. Simpson, got her and Bill Forseth involved in the logo design.

"He called us into his office and said 'we need a logo,'" she said.

Forseth, she said, was an athlete and said there needed to be "Lakers" on the logo, and she took it from there, designing the sailboat.

"Of course I got the sailboat almost tipping over," she said modestly with a laugh.

Even the year Irvine designed the logo, she was surprised with how often it was used. Jostens took the logo and sized it down to engrave the class rings.

Another first for the class of 1940, Irvine says was the DLHS school song was used for the first time.

After high school, Irvine went on to Cornell College in Iowa, where she was able to take some art classes. It was also at Cornell that she met her husband.

They married and moved back to Detroit Lakes, where her father was mayor and a lawyer in town. Her husband, Robert, practiced law in town for many years.

Irvine said until a class reunion, she hadn't even thought of the fact that she had designed the logo and how it had come about.

"It's just kind of a blur to me," she said.

Art, painting mainly, is still in Irvine's blood. In her sun porch, a painting of the road up to her Island Lake cabin hangs on the wall.

"I used to paint an awful lot," she said.

Now, she paints wine glasses for her friends.

Although the logo creation is a distant memory to her, it's a long-standing tradition in Detroit Lakes that everyone in town recognizes. They have Irvine to thank for that piece of history.