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Lawyers help send children to camp

The lawyers of Becker County have a little extra pocket change they are donating to two good causes.

The Becker County Bar Association donated $500 each to the Boys and Girls Club of Detroit Lakes and Becker County Human Services.

"Rather than throwing a party or lunch, we thought it should go to a good cause," attorney Steve Beitelspacher said of the excess money the association had in its treasury.

Beitelspacher and attorney Jeff Schell said the clients they work with have kids and grandkids involved with both Boys and Girls Club and Human Services, so it seemed natural to give to the two organizations.

Boys and Girls Club Director Pat Petermann said the club would be using the funds for recreation equipment.

"Basic equipment we need for playing on the field," he said. "We appreciate the community support and that they recognize the need."

The monies going to human services will be used to send two kids in foster care to summer camp.

"The kids appreciate all the donations," said family services department representative Karol Berg.

Due to meth and other drug addictions in the county, the number of children receiving child protection and child welfare services has doubled in the last year.

The $500 from the bar association will send two kids to camp, likely Camp Cormorant. Becker County Human Services also sends kids to Camp Trowbridge.

"It's a positive point in life if they can go to camp."