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Letter to the Editor - Eviction makes reader question 'progress'

I'm trying to somehow get out of my mind the gut sick feeling I felt when I picked up the phone Wednesday, May 18 to hear my 24-year-old daughter crying her heart out, trying to tell me that she was being evicted.

She had to be out by June 16 from the apartment she loved and was so proud of for the past three years, above (the former) White Drug building in downtown Detroit Lakes.

The entire building has been sold to DLM Development and the 10 families were evicted -- low-income, most of them, but so happy and proud of the security-locked building they called home.

Another tenant across the hall from my daughter had lived there for 30 years! Her daughter was born while she lived there and she and her daughter are still living there.

One only needs to check the classifieds to find out what the status of rental properties is in Detroit Lakes -- the $250 average rent they have been paying is non-existent, but they were as happy and proud of their home as though it were a $1 million lake home!

I question the meaning of "progress" when 10 families lose their happiness and home to have the entire building "gutted out" to make an office complex upstairs. Isn't there more of a need for low income apartments in Detroit Lakes than office space? Also, was boosting the rent even considered as a choice?! Or an empty building?

At least when the Highway 10 alignment rose on the scene, the buildings that were torn down and lost were bought out; all that these poor tenants got was a note on their door with the message that they were to be out by June 16. So they are on the hook for the two weeks for rent if they, of course, want to get their deposit back! What a shame! -- Judy Omundson, Frazee