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Tony Friesen; trapshooting star

At the age of 14, Anthony Friesen appears to be well on his way to become a trap shooting champion. Watching him from behind the lines, he has a smooth delivery, a great follow through, something that coaches marvel at. He is quick to meet the clay target on the rise, and his breaks are confidence building total smashes. This indicates that a pattern is centered, a situation which undoubtedly pleases young Tony.

I'm not intending to list the names of the many visitors, accomplished shooters in their own right. Unless you're a competitive shooter, you will not recognize these names. The scores were in the high nineties, for the most part. Anthony Friesen's scores, the first, on Saturday being a 97 x 100, to capture sub-junior honors at the 16 yard singles matches. On a better shooting day, Sunday, Tony emerged junior champion with 98 x 100.

In the late afternoon Tony's skills did not desert him, as he was the runner-up on the Class "C" Doubles, scoring an impressive 90 x 100. The doubles matches, two claybirds launched simultaneously at extreme wide angles really is the most challenging target in trap shooting. Many of the regular shooters in this game do not enter the doubles races. Tony Friesen, meets this demanding-part of this gunning sport.

With each win, Friesen advanced a full grade, or "class" which puts him abreast with, and equalizes competition. His coolness, and obvious natural ability is apparent.

Tony Friesen is very adequately equipped as he carries an elegant Krieghoff 52 over under and single barrel shotgun in competition. He will be on the line at the Minnesota State Trap Shoot at the Alexandria gun club's grounds in early July.

The only local shooters who scored well in the three days of competition were Dave Veo, who won Class A with a 98 x 100 on Sunday. The other one was Perham's Mark Cenowya.

Again this year, Perry Nodsle, who begins work on the event some months before it's staging, chaired the shoot. Gene Johnson did a good job of securing advertising sponsors displayed in the shoot program.

Other volunteers handled classification, squading and cashiering tasks. This cooperative spirit does much to make the shoot the great success that it is.

Trap results

Thursday evening, May 31, presented beautiful weather, which is generally conductive to good shooting scores. However, that was not the case for the BCSC trap league. No team earned more than a three point score. Twenty-five straights were posted by Tony Friesen, Tom Lynch and Jim Wiedewitsch. The club's officers have posted the notice of a general meeting to be held after the practice shooting, next Tuesday, June 5.


Hotel Shoreham 25

Bristlin & Son 25

Friesen's, Inc. 23

Jokela Auction Co. 22

Kunz Law Office 22

Mountain Motors 19

Cormorant Pub 18