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DL man arrested after chase

On Thursday evening a 47-year-old man allegedly stole a new Dodge pickup truck from a Detroit Lakes dealership and led police on a high-speed chase that ended in his arrest.

David Michael Lee of Detroit Lakes was arrested after the chase and faces charges of theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, DWI and driving after his license was canceled as inimical to public safety.

The chase -- which covered about eight miles in 10 minutes -- started at 7:42 p.m. when an off-duty Detroit Lakes police officer radioed in a report of a reckless driver at Willow Street and Lincoln Avenue.

A number of police and sheriff's officers were involved in the chase through town, which ended when an off-duty deputy laid down stop sticks to puncture the pickup truck tires.

The driver went a half mile further and was arrested without resistance at 290th Avenue and 125th Street, located on the south side of Big Detroit Lake, southeast of Detroit Lakes.

The pickup truck, stolen from Detroit Lakes Ford Chrysler Dodge, was valued at $47,690.

It was not seriously damaged, according to Detroit Lakes Police Chief Kel Keena, who said he is generally leery of chases through town, but was proud of the way the officers handled the situation.

They followed department policy by constantly monitoring traffic flow and talking to a supervisor during the chase, Keena said, and they worked well with deputies, a Frazee officer and a state trooper who assisted with the chase.

"I think the officers used very good instincts and were justified (in their decision to pursue). They were thinking safety the whole way."