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Storybooking: Ready to tell your tale?

Interested in making a book of your own, creating something special for a loved one, or just having some fun with pictures? Linda Foss' Heritage Makers workshop might be the answer.

Foss is offering two free workshops -- Thursday at 6 p.m. at Breezy Shores and Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Detroit Lakes AmericInn -- to introduce storybooking to the area.

Heritage Makers is a small, but growing, company based in Utah. Foss said she got involved when a friend asked her to speak about the product, but she didn't really get passionate about it as a consultant until she saw the emotional connection people have with the books.

There are two types of books and layouts Heritage Makers provides -- classic and digital.

Foss said the classic layout consists of about 30 pages and a constant theme throughout. The book is more formatted, with a layout provided, but still allows room for some creativity.

"Even if you're not creative, you're still going to have a nice piece (when you're finished)," she said.

The digital storybooking is for those interested in taking design into their own hands. Pages are blank and those creating the book will build the pages entirely.

"People get excited about it, but you still have to do it," she said.

Although she said it's best for people to try making their own books, she can provide that service if needed. What she would rather do, she said, is help a client through a rough patch and have them continue creating their own storybooks.

There are 20,000 collections of borders, letters, etc. to choose from, and the company adds new ones each month. Heritage Makers has a partnership with Scrap Girls for designs.

There are eight different sizes of books people can pick from when deciding what to design. They range in price from $34.95 to $74.95.

With the classic, or basic, design, it is free to use the Internet program. With the digital storybooking, there is a $9.95 or $19.95 monthly cost, depending on how many collections people want to pick from. Foss said if the book is created in one month though, designers only have to sign up for that month.

Besides books, the company also sells greeting cards, calendars and posters to design.

Everything is done on the Internet, a scanner or port to download digital photos is needed. No software is needed for the project, though.

Once the book is created online, with the click of a button, the book is sent to Heritage Maker's warehouse where the book is bound and sent out within a couple weeks. Books can be previewed online before going to print as well.

To go to the Heritage Makers Web site, there is a sign-up fee involved, unless people go through a consultant, who can waive that fee. That's what Foss is hoping for with her workshops -- to introduce the program to anyone interested and get them on their way to creating their own storybook.

"We all have stories," she said.

To RSVP for one of the free workshops, call Linda Foss at 602-526-7700.