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Detroit Lakes bandshell dedicated, award given out

Over a year ago, a bill asking for $283,000 in matching funds from the state passed. Those funds were designated to restore the Detroit Lakes Pavilion and build a new bandshell.

Completed this summer, the bandshell was officially dedicated last night (Tuesday).

Mayor Larry Buboltz said without legislators Sen. Keith Langseth and Rep. Paul Marquart, the project wouldn't have happened.

"Without that help, it wouldn't have been possible," he said.

Marquart and Langseth were instrumental in passing legislation for the funds, and they were on hand Tuesday for the dedication.

When a project goes through at the state level, all it is, is money for a pavilion and bandshell on a piece of paper, Marquart said. It's the locals who make it look like it does.

"Roy (Estes) did an excellent job," Marquart said. "It (the project) speaks volumes for this community."

Retired street and park commissioner Roy Estes, who saw the project through while working for the city, was present at the ceremony and recognized for his efforts.

"He did a great job," Buboltz said. "Thanks go out on a job well done."

"One of the most satisfying things I do is go around and look at finalized projects," Langseth said. And it's even more satisfying when the projects are in the area he represents, he added.

Langseth said his mother used to come to the Pavilion as a teenager for dances.

Buboltz also honored Bob Watson, who started the big band Doc and the Scrubs in 1991, and organized the Tuesday Nights in the Park, which in turn spurred the need for a new bandshell. The band took the stage for the dedication. Buboltz presented Watson with a Distinguished Service Award plaque.

"This is a beautiful venue in a beautiful park," Buboltz said, adding that he hoped to bring in many more performances.