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Builders donate to Rep. Peterson

Members of the Lake Region Builders Association met with U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson Monday noon to present him with a check for his support.

Government Affairs Director Lisa Frenette explained the Builders Association of Minnesota supports those who have supported the organization and wants to keep those that are "good to our issues continue to stay in congress or legislature. Congressman Peterson has been very good to us."

BAM-PAC, Builders Association of Minnesota Political Action Committee, is at the state level and raises money from Builders members to contribute to political races.

According to the Builders Association of Minnesota Web site, "Candidates supported and elected with BAM-PAC dollars ensure that builders' issues are fairly represented at the legislature."

Build PAC is similar, and where the $1,000 donated to Peterson came from.

"It came from Build PAC, which is the PAC that gives money to congressional representatives. BAM-PAC only gives to state reps," Frenette said.

The contribution holds more interest because it is given by an industry and not just an individual or single business.

"A big thank you for being supportive," Frenette said to Peterson.