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Class ring returned 55 years later

When Guy Johnson showed up in Detroit Lakes for his 55-year class reunion, he got a bit of a surprise -- a classmate returned his lost class ring after 55 years.

In 1952, Johnson lost his class ring, but after searching fruitlessly for it, "I long ago wrote that off." Turns out he had lost it in his dad's 1950 Nash. His dad went on to trade the vehicle in on a '57 Chevy.

"Somehow that 1950 Nash had ended up in Wisconsin, where Jim Matter's brother-in-law and sister and her children had driven it for a time," he said, "and then when it no longer would run, it was parked behind an old shed."

Matter said after his older sister's husband passed away and someone wanted to purchase the collectible vehicle, she made one more swipe of the vehicle.

"She cleaned out the car and found a silver quarter and this class ring from 1952," Matter said.

"When she saw 1952 on it, she remembered that her brother, Jim, had graduated in that year," Johnson said. "So she called him and asked if he knew who G.J. on it was."

Matter said he brought the ring to the 50-year reunion, but Johnson didn't attend that one. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, Matter never told Johnson he had his class ring after all these years.

On Aug. 24 at the 55th reunion though, Johnson showed up and Matter presented him with the well-preserved ring.

"He wondered if I had a Nash with really ugly paint on it," Johnson said.

He said his father used to own a Nash, and Matter handed over the ring.

"It was just like new," Matter said after being stored in the car all these years. "He got the ring back and was really thrilled with it."

Johnson agreed it "still looks like new." He can no longer fit the ring on his ring finger, but only his pinky.

Now that he's got his ring back after 55 years, he's keeping it in a safe place -- his wife's jewelry box.