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Detroit Lakes Disposal Services opens

With a plethora of new black and yellow garage cans at the ready, Detroit Lakes Disposal Service wants your trash.

"I've been doing this for 26 years," said Detroit Lakes Disposal Services' Ron Soberg.

Drawing on his more than quarter of a century of garbage disposal expertise, Soberg's Detroit Lakes Disposal Services is set to begin servicing the lakes area garbage routes the first week of December.

"Our first pick up will be on December 3," added the area's newest disposal business owner.

Soberg, along with wife Nancy, owns and operates Detroit Lakes Disposal Services.

Both local to the area -- Ron a DLHS graduate, and Nancy from Audubon -- their new garbage company provides service to both residential and commercial accounts in Detroit Lakes and surrounding communities.

"We cover more than just Detroit Lakes," stressed Ron Soberg. "We will have routes from Audubon to Callaway, Wolf Lake to Snellman. We can also pick up weekly, every other week, once a month. Just give us a call."

Besides its main business component of hauling away the trash, Soberg added he wants Detroit Lakes Disposal Service to be known for providing good prices and great customer service.

"Right now it is just me, so I am going to go the extra mile to earn my customers' business," he explained. "Our prices are great, and we are going to provide the best service around."

One of the ways he intends to differentiate his trash business from the competition is to do little extra things that make a difference to customers.

"I have worked in the lakes area and in the solid waste industry for more than 25 years," explained Soberg. "So, if the wind blows a little trash out of a customer's can, I'll pick it up and put it into the truck to help keep things clean."

With a new truck and their business cell phone up and running, the Soberg's recently undertook a mass mailing to garner new clientele.

"We mailed out 4,100 flyers and are in the process of setting up service to all sorts of routes," said Soberg. "Also customers can call me anytime and don't have to worry about having to talk to a recording either. My truck is my office and my phone is always with me."

As for the accounting and billing side of the things, Nancy, a local accountant for the past 11 years for Benson, Leitheiser & Soberg CPAs, will be lending her number crunching expertise to that side of the family-owned disposal business.

"We have lived and worked in this community for years and are looking forward to growing our business here," added Nancy. "We just bought a new truck and hope to soon have lots of black and yellow garbage cans dotting the roads."

In addition to 32-, 64- and 96-gallon containers, Detroit Lakes Disposal also has 1-, 1.5-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6- and 8-cubic-yard containers available as well, noted Ron.

"We can also dispose of items such TVs, computers, batteries, leaves and brush," he said. "Just give us a call so that we can make arrangements to dispose of items as some of them can't be mixed in with the regular trash in the truck."

Soberg added, items such as old electronics, tires and yard waste do require an additional disposal fee. "They charge me extra at the transfer station to dispose of those things, therefore, I need to charge extra as well."

For a list of items that cannot be discarded via traditional trash pick up, Soberg suggests calling the Becker County Solid Waste Transfer Station at 847-6382.

For more information on rates or to set up service, Detroit Lakes Disposal Service can be reached by dialing 218-850-9944.