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Letter - We can prevent global warming if we act now

According to a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the forecast of global warming is not without a ray of hope. Although the forecast is grim, leading scientists are saying that if we act now to begin cutting carbon dioxide pollution, many of the worst effects of global warming can be prevented.

Scientists seem to agree that if global warming is allowed to continue, there will be widespread droughts, starvation, flooding, mass extinction of animals and plants, and ecosystem collapse.

The hardest hit continents will be Asia and Africa. There will be a mass migration of refugees seeking food, shelter and medical aid. Of course, it will be the poor and their children who will endure the greatest devastation.

Although the United States is the world's leading global warming-producing country, the Bush Administration has not taken effective action on this urgent matter.

However, 15 states have already adopted measures to control their global warming pollution., Although the Bush Administration has maintained that the Environmental Protection Agency lacks the authority to control this kind of pollution, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Natural Resources Defense Council and 12 states that the EPA has power to curb global warming pollution. In fact, the EPA has a moral obligation to do so.

Outside the White House, there is a growing awareness that immediate action must be taken. Millions of people started paying attention when An Inconvenient Truth won an academy award and Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. Congress should seize the momentum and take immediate action by cutting global warming (with enforceable deadlines) moving America beyond oil, and using renewable resources (wind, solar and geothermal power).

Of course, major polluters, their allies in Congress and the White House will continue to serve the interests of automakers and oppose any move to cut emissions by a significant degree. Expect more lip service, no meaningful dialogue and inaction. -- Anne M. Dunn, Ogema