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Students tied to Agape Crisis Center

DETROIT LAKES - For two weeks, students at Faith Christian School in Detroit Lakes brought in offering money and money earned from odd jobs to help raise funds for Agape Crisis Center.

The students raised $89.75 and used the money to buy fleece material for baby blankets. Administrator Jennie Hoven said the students tied the blankets during part of their Christmas party in December.

The students donated the blankets and $25 to Agape Crisis Center. The school chose the crisis center because of a similarity in beliefs.

"We believe in the same philosophy they have, that life is important," Hoven said.

Mickey Okeson and Gaye Harris of Agape Crisis Center said the organization is having trouble finding new office space. Okeson said they used to be in the Mac's building, but lost the office space when the building was sold.

Harris and Okeson said they are praying for a new space to open up for their office.