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Noon Rotary hands out $6,500 over lunch

DETROIT LAKES - On Thursday, Detroit Lakes Noon Rotary President Jay Johnson gave a dollar toward Happy Dollars, noting that he was happy to be giving even more.

"It's not every day I get to give away (more than) $6,000," he said.

Noon Rotary donated two checks that afternoon -- one to Stacy Heinlein of the Detroit Lakes Boys and Girls Club, and one to Judy Peterson, Becker County coordinator on aging.

The $4,500 check going to the Boys and Girls Club was the last installation of donations to the club of its Centennial Project for $18,000.

Heinlein passed out thank you cards that the kids at the Boys and Girls Club had made for the Rotarians. She also spoke on behalf of club executive director Pat Petermann who couldn't attend the meeting.

"He said, 'thanks for generosity and friendship through the years,'" she said.

She shared some growing statistics at the club and spoke about the increase in meals the club provides.

"It's such a great feeling to know we are here for the youth in this community," she said.

The second donation, a check for $2,000, went to Peterson.

"The bottom line, this program helps seniors," she said.

Peterson has bee the county coordinator on aging for 11 years and is a contact for seniors -- not only finding services they may need, but also helping them sort through Medicare issues.

"Eleven years ago, Emmanuel had this vision, and they went after it," Peterson said, adding that when someone tells her thank you, she tells them to thank Emmanuel for starting the program.

"You go agency to agency and that person is served," she said of finding what senior need.

"I think of Ghostbusters, 'who you gonna call?' It's Judy," Johnson said with a laugh.