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Spelling Bee winners named

DETROIT LAKES - Spelling Bee winners have been named. Winners will continue on to the Becker County/School District No. 22 Spelling Contest on Feb. 9 in Holy Rosary School.

Representing Rossman Elementary is Tanner Schnathorst, son of Vern and Adele Schnathorst, Detroit Lakes. Tanner is a fifth grader in Mrs. Nielsen's class.

The Division III Spelling Bee winner representing Roosevelt Elementary is Jared Olson, son of Dale and Jailyn Olson. Jared is a fifth grader at in Mrs. VonRuden's class.

The Spelling Bee winner for Faith Christian School is Andrew Holzgrove, son of Dan and Shirley Holzgrove, Detroit Lakes. Andrew is a fourth grader, and this is his first time in a spelling bee.