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Breckenridge School Board member resigns after failed attempt to sign superintendent to contract

Deb Hoff resigned Wednesday morning from the Breckenridge School Board - the second member to step down from the controversy-plagued board in less than three months.

Her resignation followed the board's decision Tuesday to deny interim Superintendent Greg East a one-year contract and look into advertising the position. Hoff was among the minority in a 4-to-3 vote to grant East a contract.

Hoff also voted in favor of a permanent contract for East in November, after district voters passed an operating levy referendum under his leadership. She has consistently raised questions about the district's mounting legal bills, including some for unspecified charges incurred by fellow board members.

East and board members have clashed after the interim superintendent accused the board of ethical and legal violations last fall. A Forum inquiry revealed board members disparaged school administrators and discussed over e-mail issues they should have tackled at meetings.

Former member Amber Nord resigned in November. In January, the board chose her replacement, Brett Johnson, who exhorted fellow members to agree to a contract with East at Tuesday's meeting.