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Senator Langseth lays out 2008 agenda for State Legislature

State Sen. Keith Langseth, DFL-Glyndon, announced his focus for the 2008 Legislative Session would be growing new jobs in the state and passing several local proposals of importance to his constituents.

According to Langseth, Minnesota's economy -- which has grown slower than the national average for several years -- ground to a halt in the second half of 2007. From July to December, the state lost over 23,000 jobs, compelling State Economist Tom Stinson to acknowledge the state's economy has officially entered a recession.

In response, Langseth said that the Legislature needs to take quick action on several job-creating initiatives that were vetoed during the 2007 session, including an omnibus tax bill that would spur millions of dollars of private investment in existing businesses and new bioscience companies, as well as a broad-based bonding package and a comprehensive transportation financing bill.

Langseth stated that both the bonding bill and a transportation finance package would not only grow jobs in the ailing construction sector, but would also make much-needed improvements to the state's roads and bridges, public infrastructure, and higher education institutions.

"Through strategic investments, we can immediately generate thousands of jobs in our region and across Minnesota, and lay the foundation for sustainable, long-term economic growth," said Langseth. "As unemployment continues to increase and job-growth in the state remains stagnant, it is imperative that the Legislature take an active role in moving the state out of this recession."

Langseth also noted that he would be advancing several local projects, which have been vetoed by the Governor during the upcoming session, as well as working toward passage of a comprehensive capital investment package.

"As a legislator, I believe it is my duty to work in the best interest of the state, while at the same time serving as an advocate for my constituents and our region," Langseth said. "Fortunately, because of the hard work of many members of our community, I feel confident that I have a local legislative agenda that will not only help our region, but our state as a whole."

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