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Thin Mints, Caramel deLites: It's time for Girl Scout cookies again

DETROIT LAKES -- For more than 80 years, the Girl Scouts have been providing a variety of cookies ranging from Thin Mints to Shortbread delights.

Freshly baked and coming in eight different varieties, the 2008 Girl Scout cookie sale is set to kick off in the lakes area Friday, Feb. 22.

"The best selling Girl Scout cookie nation wide is the Thin Mints," commented Troop 410's Lexie, "but around here it is the Caramel deLites."

Cookies will be $4 per box again this year, and the Girl Scouts get to keep approximately $3 from each box sold.

"Our goal is to sell 100 boxes each," added Troop 410's Grace.

"We even have a new cookie this year called the Cinna-Spins. It replaces the old Cartwheels and they come in 100-calorie packs," continued Lexie.

Local troops will continue to sell through March 15, with delivery dates set between April 11 and 20.

Cookies are sold first and baked later, explained Addie, another Troop 410 Girl Scout member.

"They don't make the cookies for our area until all orders are in, that is why it takes so long," she explained.

"We are one of the last, if not the last, areas in the country to get our cookies because of our northern location," Troop leader Sue Livermore added. "Even the Cities gets theirs before us, which can get confusing."

To accomplish its incremental baking task, the Girl Scouts employ the services of two commercial bakers, ABC/Interbake Foods and Little Brownie Bakers, which are the only bakers licensed by the national Girl Scout organization, to produce Girl Scout cookies.

After the bakers are paid, the money raised during the sale is used to pay for troop activities, events, service projects and badges.

"We get $.50 for our troop for every box we sell," commented Grace. "Money also goes to prizes, $.20 per box, and $2.37 to help pay for events and activities we do like winter camp, Disney on Ice and Aerospace Camp."

Cookies can be purchased from any local Girl Scout, and they will also be sold at various cookie shops the first part of April.

"We also have a cookie share program where people can buy cookies, which we will deliver to the local food pantry and send oversees for our troops abroad," added the Troop leader.