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Larry Buboltz letter- Transportation tax will help Lakes area

Our transportation system in Minnesota is extremely important to our economy, especially in rural Minnesota. Poorly maintained roads and bridges impact both business and the civilian population. Delaying major road projects throughout Minnesota for the last 15 years is simply detrimental to safety, efficiency and our state's economy.

In Detroit Lakes, we have had to make significant investments as part of the Highway 10 project, one being the whistle free zone. More money from the state would be very helpful in our efforts to provide adequate roads within our growing community. The new transportation bill will give us significant help.

On behalf of the City of Detroit Lakes, I want to publicly thank Senators Keith Langseth and Rod Skoe and Representatives Paul Marquart and Kent Eken for their votes to override the governor's veto.

I also want to thank the six Republican representatives who voted to override, especially rural Representatives Bud Heidgerken and Rod Hamilton.

A five cent per gallon increase in gas taxes will cost the average Minnesotan $50 per year (20,000 miles at 20 miles per gallon).

I understand how hard it is to vote for a tax increase, but unless we make significant investments in our transportation infrastructure, Minnesota will be negatively affected economically, and most of rural Minnesota will have even greater problems.

Thank you to those who voted to override the governor's veto for their leadership. -- Larry Buboltz, Mayor, Detroit Lakes