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Ogema man charged with felony domestic assault

Dennis Frank Sinclair, 42, of 36585, County Road 34, Ogema has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony domestic assault and felony fifth-degree assault.

On Jan 25 he showed up at his girlfriend's house three hours late and intoxicated, and wanted the woman and the 4-year-old child they shared to go into Detroit Lakes with him, according to court records.

He was told he was not welcome there when he was intoxicated, and while the woman struggled to get the car seat out of the maroon Oldsmobile he had driven there, he grew angry and left, hitting her with the car in the process, according to court records.

She fled to a neighbor's house with the child and called 911. A warrant was issued for his arrest March 3 by District Judge Peter Irvine and he was due to appear in court March 10.