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'Crashing Down' adds one, prepares for Big Bash

DETROIT LAKES - Preparing for their second season of playing together, the band Crashing Down has added a new member and is ready to play at the Boys and Girls Club's Big Bash, scheduled for Friday evening.

A couple months ago Crashing Down band members Richard Chelmo, Jon Bromander and Pat Voigt decided to ask Hannah Meacham to come on board.

"I wasn't doing anything at the time, musically," she said.

So she agreed to join the group, all of whom have known each other for several years and played together as a group at Community Alliance Church in Detroit Lakes.

"We were in need of somebody who looks better than we do," Chelmo jokes as to why they asked Meacham to join the group, adding she was an easy addition to the band.

Since they had worked together in the past, they knew what to put up with in her and vise versa, he said.

"She puts a fresh face for us," Chelmo added.

Not only a fresh face, but a fresh sound as well.

Crashing Down has played anything and everything from classic rock to psychedelic rock, Chelmo said. Now they will be transitioning from "a rock format to something softer" with the addition of Meacham, which will include her own original music.

Meacham said although Crashing Down didn't really play the same kind of music as she does, she sees this as a "chance to stretch" and get more experience. She will be providing lead vocals and keyboard for the band.

"It's better to be doing something rather than not doing anything," she said.

She said she prefers theatrical music, anything that can incorporate an orchestra, adding that her inspiration comes "mostly from film, and stories I've written myself."

Crashing Down will be kicking off the music season at Friday night's Boys and Girls Club Big Bash event. They will be playing from 6 to 7 p.m. and again from 9 to 11 p.m.

"We're a new group and were looking for places to play," Chelmo said. "Early fall and winter we take a break. This is our kick-off to the season."

Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Pat Petermann said a past performance of Chelmo's is what prompted him to ask Crashing Down to play at the Big Bash.

"I had heard the band play at a summer block party and they looked like they were having fun and enjoying playing the music that they play -- they play to the crowd," he said.

The crowd will be at the Big Bash event in Speak Easy this Friday. Tickets are $25 and available at the Boys and Girls Club, the thrift store or any board member.

To book Crashing Down for a future event, call 847-1220.