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U.S. Highway 71 project a go

The Wadena City Council voted to move forward with a project to reconstruct U.S. Highway 71 from Franklin Avenue to Lincoln Avenue in south Wadena.

The council agreed to move forward with the project, based on need and because MnDOT has agreed to commit $500,000 toward the project.

The street was originally constructed in 1922, according to a preliminary engineering report by Ulteig Engineers. The sewer line has been problematic in that area and the clay tile pipe is decayed or missing in some areas, causing frequent plugged lines and backups into homes in that area. There is a concern that the line could collapse.

The total estimated city project cost is $855,500. A portion of this would be assessed to the abutting properties. The city would need to bond for this project, and have special assessment hearings with the property owners involved. The project could bid in January 2009 and have construction by the summer of 2009. The next step is to update the preliminary engineering study.