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The new name is: St. Mary's Innovis Health

St. Mary's Regional Health Center and Innovis Health (formerly Dakota Clinic) of Detroit Lakes, have formed an affiliation and adopted a new name, St. Mary's Innovis Health.

"This affiliation of our two organizations is a very positive step in positioning us for the future, and is an outcome of the January 1 affiliation of the entire Innovis Health organization with St. Mary's parent organization, Essentia Health," says Tom Thompson, chief executive officer.

Employees at St. Mary's and the former Dakota clinic are upbeat about the future, said Abigail K. Ring, chief medical officer.

"Nothing will change (for patients)," she said. "They'll still get the same great care, same great people, same great doctors. The may notice a change in attitude -- the staff is very enthusiastic about the changes we're putting in place ... It's a very exciting time for us, the physicians are very excited about this change. Change can be intimidating -- I've been impressed with how happy people are with it."

Over time, the public will see some changes, added Thompson.

"This is an affiliation that's all about growth," he said. "We want to create an optimal continuum of care in this community -- I think we can add to the capabilities of the whole health system here ...this is a very, very community-focused organization. We share a common vision for a community health system that's very powerful -- right now we're just limited by time and money."

With Innovis hospital and clinic in Fargo, "I think you'll see a much better regional coordination of health care," Thompson said.

"Coming together as one, our organizations share a common vision for the future of health care in our region and have the ability to fulfill that vision for area residents' benefit. Our affiliation brings together resources in one organization to care for people of our region at all stages of life," Thompson added.

St. Mary's Innovis Health is "re-branded" with a new logo designed in the shape of a globe and the colors of earth, blue and green. "Not only is our mission to deliver quality, compassionate health care, as a leading organization in our region we felt it was important to take a stand to be environmentally responsible. Our logo will be a constant reminder to take care of this planet that all of us call home," says Ring.

Besides the clinic and hospital departments, all other entities will be taking on the new family name including: Winchester on Washington and Lincoln Park, the two senior housing complexes; and the Nursing Center.

"This is certainly a brand new day in Detroit Lakes and the region," adds Thompson. "As we combine various departments and services together, it will create both efficiencies and opportunities for growth we seek to better serve our region."

A new Web site with health care information, and also an eco-friendly section, has been launched and will be added to throughout the months ahead. The Web address ties in with the organization's new theme line: