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Land for veterans memorial agreed on, ward boundaries extend west, north annexes

Don Schattschneider and other members of a veterans committee came before the Detroit Lakes Community Development Committee to discuss the idea of a veteran's memorial park in the Gateway District.

When the county courthouse was expanded this year, the memorials in the courtyard had to be removed, with the promise that another area of town would be dedicated to the veterans.

The RDG Planning and Design consultants have proposed a space in the Highway 10 redevelopment area, which would include an avenue of flags, scaled down replica of the USS Minnesota and a reflecting pond.

Schattschneider said that while there is ice on the lakes here six months out of the year, a reflecting pond and such may want to be reconsidered, but the veterans are pleased with the location of the memorial area.

He added that the veterans committee wants the seven lighted flags for sure, but that they are willing to work with the consultants to find the perfect design.

To fund the park, Schattschneider said, "we expect the veterans organizations to come up with funding."

Once they know for sure they will have a piece of land, he said, the group can "begin a planning and funding effort. We will pitch in to accomplish the goal."

Also at the community development committee, members agreed to a resolution annexing portions of Detroit and Lake View townships around the Long Lake area. This is part of a plan to annex the entire area in phases over a period of time.

With the already annexed land near Long Lake and the annexed land up along Richwood Road to Tower Road, ward boundaries have changed.

The first ward will now extended north to Tower Road and west to the Long Lake shore. Ward two boundaries have also extended west around Long Lake and north of St. Clair Lake.

Everything discussed at the CDC meeting will be passed along to the Detroit Lakes City Council on Tuesday at 5 p.m.