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Charges dropped for dog attack, drugs

Court charges were dismissed Thursday in Becker County District Court against Mickie Jean Bevins, 33, of P.O. Box 375, 26273 Beaver Trail, White Earth.

She faced four felony drug charges and a misdemeanor charge of harm caused by a dog.

The dog-related charge stemmed from a Rottweiler attack that caused substantial bodily harm to a 15-year-old girl on Oct. 18.

Bevins' housemate, Jeffrey Layne Potter, 42, faced identical charges, and the charges against Bevins were dismissed as part of a plea agreement the state reached with Potter, according to the Becker County Court Administrator's Office.

Regarding the dog attack, investigation revealed that three teenage girls had been at the Potter-Bevins residence. The couple kept two Rottweilers, one was chained and the other was not.

The unchained dog followed the girls onto a trail when they left the residence. The girls tried to walk away from the dog, but at one point it attacked two of them.

When a White Earth police officer arrived on the scene, "the dog was standing over one girl, who was covered in mud and lying motionless," he said in his report. The dog again attempted to attack the girl on the ground and the officer quickly got between the dog and the girl, when the dog turned and attacked the officer, he was in a position to shoot the Rottweiler and end the attacks.

The girl sustained numerous injuries, including a large wound to her upper left arm, several large open puncture wounds to her right calf area and bites to the stomach, back and left leg.

The 16-year-old girl's ankle was bitten and she was treated and released.

In an unrelated search warrant executed on the Potter-Bevins home on Nov. 9, officers allegedly found 3.4 grams of cocaine packaged in plastic baggies, more than 17 pounds of marijuana -- some packaged in one-pound bags, some Methadone pills, a digital scale and numerous zip-lock baggies often used in the sale of illegal drugs.

The two were charged with fourth-degree controlled substance crime, possession; fourth-degree controlled substance crime, sale, fifth-degree controlled substance crime, possession, and fifth-degree controlled substance crime, sale.

All charges against Bevins have now been dismissed.