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Park Rapids man faces felony burglary charges

Virgil DaWayne Wiekamp, 44, of 26333 Aicon Drive, Park Rapids has been charged in Becker County District court with first-degree burglary, others present, and second-degree burglary of a dwelling -- both felonies.

On April 8 he allegedly went to the residence of his ex-wife in Becker County and entered her bedroom. She awoke to find him stroking her cheek, according to court records. She was extremely startled and frightened to find someone in her bedroom. She then realized it was Wiekamp.

He had not been invited into the home and was told to leave, which he allegedly refused to do for 45-60 minutes. She then punched him in the nose to get him to leave, according to court records. He allegedly threw her against a wall, but eventually left.

He appeared before District Judge Lisa Borgen on Thursday, who set bail at $5,000 cash or bond, with standard conditions. His next court appearance is April 21.