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Frazee man charged with fleeing officer, driving after license canceled

Steven Ray Ervasti, 47, of Frazee appeared in Hubbard County District Court March 24 on charges of fleeing a peace officer, driving after cancellation and speeding.

The complaint states that on March 2, a deputy was southbound on Highway 71 near Portage Lake and observed a vehicle appearing to be driving faster than the posted speed limit. Radar indicted the car was going 70 mph.

The deputy turned on his red lights. The vehicle continued north on Highway 71, turned off on Far Portage Drive and slid around the turn and then "fishtailed" as it sped up going west. It continued for about 300 yards, shut off its lights and pulled up to a residence.

The deputy stopped behind the vehicle; the driver got out of the vehicle and walked back toward the deputy, identifying himself. A check with dispatch showed Ervasti's diver's license as canceled inimical to public safety.

Maximum penalty on the fleeing charge is three years and one day in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. On the charge of driving after cancellation, it is one year and/or a $3,000 fine. On the speeding charge, the maximum is a $200 fine.

He appeared before District Judge Robert Tiffany.