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DL man accused of beating man with board

Gary Richard Greene, 48, of 525 Washington Ave., Apt. 20, Detroit Lakes has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, third-degree assault -- substantial bodily harm, and fifth-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

The charges stem from an incident on Jan. 12, when a number of people were gathered at Greene's residence. He went to bed during the evening and somebody woke him up to ask him something. Enraged, he scratched at the man's face.

Another man intervened and Greene allegedly angrily attacked him with a 2 foot long 1-inch by 2-inch board, hitting him with the board repeatedly, according to court records.

The man was left bloody and cut up, with a concussion and a gash on his scalp that required numerous staples to close.

A warrant was issued for Greene's arrest Monday by District Judge Mark Hansen.