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Man gets 15 months for drugs at 10KLF

Roger Glen Robison, 35, of 2819 Madison Ave. Apartments No. 1, Covington, Ky. was sentenced Thursday for felony fifth-degree controlled substance crime -- possession.

A felony charge of fourth-degree controlled substance crime -- possession, was dropped in a plea agreement.

On July 19, he was caught by security personnel trying to sell drugs at Viking Campground during 10,000 Lakes fest.

His personal bag was found to contain nine clear plastic knot ties containing ketamine, sometimes called jet or super acid, an animal tranquilizer used as a "club drug" that is smoked in powder form, which is how it was packaged by Robison.

He also had five small strips of LSD in his bag.

He was sentenced by District Judge Mark Hansen to 15 months in prison, to be served concurrently to time Robison is currently serving in Ohio on an unrelated charge. He was fined $50 plus court fees.

The sentence was executed at Robison's demand. Otherwise prison time would have been stayed, according to court records.