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St. Mary's looking for Legacy Leaders

Four years after its inception, the St. Mary's Innovis Health's Legacy Leaders organizers have some news that can't be matched. Well actually, the matching is the news.

During this year's Legacy Leader Drive, which runs through May 2, money raised will be matched by not only one donor, but two. A $100 donation is now worth $300. Now that's good math.

Phil and Dianna Hansen have agreed to match funds after being inspired to give back after one of their children had used St. Mary's pediatric therapy services. The second matching fund will come from the Dakota Medical Foundation.

The Legacy Leaders Drive began in 2004 when "we adopted a different model for the foundation -- to foster a positive relationship with the community members," said LeAnn Mouw, director of development at St. Mary's.

Legacy Leaders are asked to donate $100, $250 or $500 each year. It's not a pledge for multiple years, but rather a building of a relationship in hopes donors will return each year. Each year funds raised are put toward a different service at St. Mary's.

This year, funds will go toward a whirlpool tub and a pediatrics portion of the new therapy addition, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer.

There is only one whirlpool tub for the residents, and the added one will allow residents more opportunities to soak, relax and enjoy. There will also aromatherapy.

"We're trying to create more of a spa environment," said Lori Thompson, chair of the Legacy Leaders support committee. "It's more than just a bath, it's therapeutic."

The therapy addition to St. Mary's is a 6,500 square foot facility that will house everyone from the baby boomers with hip problems to pediatrics.

The goal for this year's Legacy drive is 100 new members, which would raise a minimum of $10,000. With the matching funds, that would turn into $30,000. There are about 150 community members now.

Thompson said although there are 10 teams on the committee with a list of individuals and businesses to ask for donations, anyone is welcome to donate to the cause by contacting St. Mary's at 847-0867. Those interested are also encouraged to call and request a tour of the facility.

"The benefit is to help the needs of residents and pediatric therapy patients," Thompson said.