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U.S. Post Office offers 'Capital'

DETROIT LAKES - As part of the Capital for a Day promotion for Detroit Lakes, the U.S. Post Office has made up a special "Detroit Lakes -- Capital for a Day" cancellation stamp.

You can impress your friends or family with mail from the "Capital" or save the cancellation for your own collection.

The Detroit Lakes Post Office will have a table set up at the Pavilion on Wednesday, May 14, between 1-4 p.m. to hand cancel any stamped letters or post cards that you bring in to mail.

If you are unable to come down that day, or if you have several that you want done, please bring your mail to the post office in Detroit Lakes ahead of time, and the postmaster will hand cancel them, and mail them on May 14. Postal regulations do not allow them to be actually mailed earlier.