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Wadena man charged with first-degree burglary

Jason Everett Jensen, 22, of 123 Bryant Ave. S., Wadena has been charged in Becker County District Court with felony first-degree burglary with a dangerous weapon and felony first-degree burglary, other person present.

On April 18 about 12:50 p.m. a home burglary was interrupted in Detroit Lakes. Entry was gained by kicking in a garage door. A man came home to find a revolver and ammunition on the kitchen table. It had been in the bedroom.

The burglar, allegedly Jensen, fled the home, carrying a jar of change, which he later dropped. The homeowner pursued him for a short distance, to Jackson Avenue, then realized he would not catch him and went home to call 911, according to court records.

Shortly thereafter police officers learned the burglar was hiding in one of the apartments on Jackson Avenue. They got permission to enter and allegedly found Jensen hiding under a crib. He allegedly admitted to the burglary, saying he had entered looking for cash and came across the revolver.

On Monday, District Judge Peter Irvine set bond at $100,000, with conditions. His next court appearance is set for Monday.