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Recycle More MN launched

On Earth Day, the Recycling Association of Minnesota and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency announced the launch of Recycle More Minnesota, a statewide educational campaign designed to promote recycling throughout Minnesota at home, at work and on the go.

Recycle More Minnesota will be an ongoing campaign with several phases: residential, commercial, schools and public entities, and away-from-home recycling. The campaign supports the agency's strategic plan goal of increasing our statewide recycling rate to 50 percent by 2011 (currently at 41 percent).

The MPCA has found that more than 1.3 million tons of currently un-recycled material (paper, plastic, glass, metals, etc.) could be recycled. This material is worth more than $300 million. Not only is recycling great for the environment and reducing our energy consumption, but it is also good for Minnesota's economy.

In 2006, the energy saved by Minnesotans recycling would be enough energy to heat 410,000-plus households for a year. That's all of the homes in Duluth, Rochester, St Cloud, Minneapolis and St. Paul combined.

With an estimated 1.3 million tons of recyclable materials disposed of each year in Minnesota, finding ways to motivate the people and businesses of Minnesota to recycle more is important for the economy, environment, and energy needs.

In fact, by reaching the 50 percent recycling rate goal, we will save 19 trillion BTU's of energy (equivalent to energy use of 163,000 homes), more than 3 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (equal to taking more than 400,000 cars off the road), and will add $223 million dollars to Minnesota's economy.

The recent Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group report specifically cited this campaign as an important means to achieve Minnesota's climate change goals.

For more information about the Recycle More Minnesota Campaign, contact Mark Rust (651-215-0198), Tina Patton (651-215-0214), or Wayne Gjerde (651-215-0270), or visit online at