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Warrant issued after beating

Damian Lee Bloom, 18, of 47575 283rd St., Ponsford, has been charged in Becker County District Court with three felony second-and third-degree assault counts for allegedly beating a man unconscious with brass knuckles.

On April 1, Detroit Lakes police were called to St. Mary's hospital on the report of an assault victim.

When the officer talked to him, he had suffered serious bleeding and his nose was disfigured, according to court records.

Investigation revealed that the man and his friends had been playing basketball at Union Square Apartments when a van pulled up and 10-12 people got out. The man and his friends attempted to get to their vehicle and leave, but he was approached by the group and Bloom allegedly begin assaulting him. He was pushed backwards, tripped, fell down, and Bloom allegedly beat him with brass knuckles until he lost consciousness.

On Monday, District Judge Mark Hansen issued a warrant for Bloom's arrest.