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Smith accepts offer of appointment as Park Rapids city administrator

The Park Rapids Council's top choice for city administrator accepted the offer Monday and will start in mid-June.

In his interview, William C. Smith of Great Bend, Kan., said he applied for the position as a result of persistence from friends who live here.

"She said, 'you'd be perfect for this job,'" Smith said of her convincing him to look at the position. "They are great ambassadors for your community."

Smith said what piqued his interest was his impression that the community is looking ahead.

"This community seems to have a vision and I want to be part of that organization," Smith said.

He had read the downtown plan, plan for trails and parks and otherwise done a lot of homework.

"He knows the name of everyone on the city staff," council member Gene Kinkel said later.

Smith brings administrative skills to the position even though he has no background in city administration .