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Tollefson to perform in senior piano recital May 18

Toni Tollefson will present her senior piano recital on Sunday, May l8, in the First Lutheran Church in Detroit Lakes.

The 3:30 p.m. program will consist of piano repertoire by Georg Phillip Telemann, J.C.F. Bach, Henry Purcell, Renee Schwab, Albert Piezonka, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Johannes Brahms, and several selections composed by Tollefson.

Two organ preludes by J.S. Bach will also be performed by Tollefson.

Included in the program will be a special guest performance by Christopher Tollefson. He and Toni will perform a trumpet-organ duet. A two piano duet, entitled "Havah Nagilah" by J. Louis Merkur, will be performed by Toni and her instructor.

Tollefson is currently performing Level 11 repertoire of the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) Piano Comprehensive Syllabus Program.

During her years as a piano student, Tollefson faithfully attended the Saturday MMTA theory classes, offered by her teacher, and has completed and tested in four levels of the MMTA theory program, and is in the process of completing Level 5.

She is the daughter of Judy and Robin Tollefson of Lake Park and a piano student of Audrey Savig, Audubon. The public is invited to attend.