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Integrated charitable planning -- advisor seminar is May 22

Now may be the time to plan for future donations, or as a professional advisor, time to get more information on how to advise those ready to donate.

With the help of a grant from the Dakota Medical Foundation, St. Mary's Health Foundation is sponsoring a professional advisor seminar on May 22. Giving Point Principal Shannon Schweigert, along with others, will speak on integrated charitable planning.

Seventy-five percent of gifts for non-profits and foundations come from individuals, and 78 percent of decisions to give are because of encouragement from professional advisors -- i.e. lawyers, accountants, etc.

This seminar is designed to "increase and foster that giving," Director of Development and Communications for St. Mary's LeAnn Mouw said.

But the seminar isn't just for those interested in giving money to St. Mary's, but rather any foundation in Detroit Lakes.

"There's greater sustainability if (people) invest in St. Mary's or the community," Schweigert said.

By giving money to communities, he explained, it also helps with the economy by providing jobs and therefore taxes.

One of the major entities people want to support, especially in rural Minnesota, is health care, he said. And with this generation, now is the right time to be talking about it as well.

"Baby boomers are giving because they are very much activists," Schweigert said. "The time is now. It's an ideal time to talk about charitable planning."

Also speaking at the seminar will be Robert Rosenvold on "Some Kids Like Farming, Some Kids Like Cash," Polly Peterson on "Controlling Social Capital -- Family Wealth and Charity Solutions that Minimize Unwanted Distributions to the IRS," and Lisa Jackson speaking on "Are you DonorCentric? Maximizing the Relationship with your Donor or Client."

"There are a lot of complexities, so it's geared to advisors," Schweigert said of the seminar.

Mouw added that the seminar's purpose is simple: "We want advisors to come and learn the tools to work with their client."

That's not to say the seminar is a how-to solicit though.

"It all starts with their desire (to give)," Schweigert said of clients.

By getting families started on the path to integrated charitable planning, it will help bridge the next generation as well.

"I can talk 'til I'm blue in the face about how valuable ABC non-profit is, but when we vote with our dollars and feet (volunteering), that shows what we really care about," he said.

Professional advisors are asked to pre-register for the May 22 seminar with LeAnn Mouw at 847-0867. Cost is $25 and includes lunch.