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Master Naturalist volunteer training at Wetlands Center

Do you enjoy learning about the natural world? If so, consider becoming a Minnesota Master Naturalist volunteer.

USFWS Prairie Wetland Learning Center, Fergus Falls Minnesota is hosting a Minnesota Master Naturalist Volunteer Training beginning June 19 and be held two nights a week for 6 weeks.

Master Naturalist volunteers complete a 40-hour hands-on class with expert instructors and fellow learners -- studying natural history, environmental interpretation and conservation stewardship. Final certification comes with the completion of 40 hours of volunteer service. The program offers three classes that correspond to Minnesota's three major ecosystems -- entitled 'Big Woods, Big Rivers,' 'Prairies and Potholes' and 'Northwoods, Great Lakes'.

This class will cover the natural and cultural history of the 'Prairies and Potholes' Region. We will provide an in-depth overview of the Prairie Ecosystem. Through the class, participants will develop their ability to observe nature and will learn tools to improve these skills. In addition, participants will improve their communication skills by sharing knowledge with other participants and working on a group project.

The classes will be held every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30-9 p.m. from June 19 through July 24. Two Saturday field trips will be on June 28 and July 12. The cost for the class is $200, including materials.

Register online at, call 1-888-241-4532, or e-mail

Minnesota Master Naturalist is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension Service and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.