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Master Gardeners are planting street with color

The Becker County Master Gardeners are planting pride in Detroit Lakes this summer.

For the summer of 2008, Washington Avenue will be bringing the city of Detroit Lakes into bloom. Hanging flower baskets will be displayed from Highway 34 down to the Pavilion.

The Becker County Master Gardeners are coordinating a display of 92 full, lush and colorful hanging flower baskets, which will give the appearance of planting the street with color.

Thomas Reiffenberger, project chair for the Master Gardeners, stated that the Master Gardeners took on the hanging flower basket project from the Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"Our hope is to continue the project's success and carry on the history of beautifying spaces in Detroit Lakes."

The 20-inch wire baskets, which will take center stage, were planted and grown by Bergens, which include Purple Wave Petunia or Misty Wave Petunia, Vinca vine, and ornamental grass 'gaura lindheimeri.'

The City Park Department is committed to the project's success and will be watering the baskets on a daily bases.

The flower baskets will be ready to be displayed the last week of May. Thank you for the great community spirit of so many individuals and businesses who contributed to the flower basket project.

The Becker County Master Gardeners are still in need of raising funds for the hanging flower basket project. Your support and donations to the Becker County Master Gardeners is much appreciated.