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Family meets to build memorial

Janet Boe was a DNR Plant Ecologist in Bemidji when she volunteered to participate on the Restoration Committee for Sucker Creek Preserve. She worked hard and conscientiously identifying many plants in the Preserve and noting ecological (the science of relationships between organisms and their environments) profiles of the land. She wrote several texts on signage in the Preserve and had written text for a wildflower brochure specifically for Sucker Creek Preserve.

Janet was struck with breast cancer and died May 4, 2007. Before her death, she and her husband, Thom Soule, made a major move to North Dakota grasslands near Bismarck where she and Thom had spent many happy hours hunting, birding and botanizing.

Sally Hausken wanted to memorialize the generous contributions of Janet and named the south perimeter path the Janet Boe Memorial Trail. As he saw it for the first time, Thom resolved he wanted to build that path.

Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was it. Family of Janet Boe from both North Dakota and Minnesota converged at the Preserve and put in very full days.

The trail goes from the park lot to the marshwalk and to the amphitheater.

Directional signs will be up soon to give visitors a clearer identification of the breathtakingly beautiful path.