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Rawling junior batting helmets recalled for lead; Counterfeit Circuit Breakers pose fire hazard


Specialty Lamp International Inc. is recalling Counterfeit Circuit Breakers

labeled as "Square D" sold nationwide from May 2005 to June 2006. The

recalled circuit breakers labeled "Square D" have been determined by Square

D to be counterfeit and can fail to trip when they are overloaded, posing a

fire hazard.

The counterfeit circuit breakers are black and are labeled as Square D

QO-series models 115, 120, 130, 215, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260 and 2020 and

Square D QOB-series models 115, 120, 130, 220, 230, 250, 260 and 1515.

Actual Square D circuit breakers have (a) the amp rating written on the

handle in white paint on the front of the breaker (authentic Square D

circuit breakers manufactured prior to 2003 did not have white paint on the

amperage numbers); (b) the Square D insignia molded onto the breaker side,

and; (c) a yellow chromate mounting clip with half of the top of the clip

visible. If your breaker, labeled as Square D, does not match this

description, it could be counterfeit.

Consumers should contact Specialty at (866) 650-3076 between 8 a.m. and 5

p.m. ET to determine if the breaker they have is counterfeit and to arrange

for a free inspection and replacement or refund if necessary or visit More info at


Rawlings Sporting Goods Co. Inc. is recalling Rawlings Junior Batting

Helmets sold nationwide from July 2007 to November 2007. Surface paint on

the helmets contains excessive levels of lead.

This recall involves junior batting helmets with model number CFHLJR. The

helmets come in yellow and orange with black accents. The model number can

be found on the rear of the helmet.

Consumers should contact either the retailer where the product was purchased

or Rawlings at (800) 729-5464 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CT Monday through

Friday for a free replacement product or visit More info at


Adio Footwear is recalling Boy's Hooded Zip Fleece Sweatshirts sold

nationwide from October 2007 to December 2007. The garments have a

drawstring through the hood, which can pose a strangulation hazard.

The boy's "Champ Custom" hooded zip fleece sweatshirt (style # 40305.HZB) is

white with blue pin-stripes on the front and red panels on the sides. ADIO

is spelled out across the front. The sweatshirt was sold in boys' sizes:

small, medium, large and x-large.

Consumers should return the item to the place of purchase or to Adio

Footwear for a full refund.

Consumers can also contact Adio Footwear at (800) 995-6069 between 9 a.m.

and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit More info at


Hearth & Home Technologies Inc. is recalling IntelliSwitch Fireplace Wall

Controls sold nationwide from January 2007 to February 2008. Failure in the

wall control system can cause the fireplace to turn on by itself creating a

risk of property damage. If the control fails and the consumer has left

combustible objects directly in front of an unattended fireplace, there may

also be a risk of fire.

This recall involves WSK-300 IntelliSwitch Fireplace Wall Controls sold with

Heat & Glo gas direct vent fireplaces. A complete list of the recalled

product can be found at

Hearth & Home Technologies will send consumers a free replacement wall

control panel for installation by the consumer or trained technician.

Consumers not contacted by their retailer should contact Hearth & Home

Technologies at (800) 215-5152 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT Monday through

Friday or visit More info at


Kids Station Toys International Ltd. is recalling Little Tikes Chit 'N Chat

Toy Cell Phones sold nationwide from June 2006 to March 2008. The hinge

cover on the toy cell phone can detach from the phone, posing a choking


The Little Tikes brand Chit 'N Chat Toy Cell Phone resembles a flip-phone

style cell phone and has a 10-key numeric button pad and three buttons with

pictures of animals. The toy phones are multi-colored and have a sticker on

the back with model number KSL4010 (sold separately) or KSL8032, KSL8033, or

KSL8051 (sold with other items). "Designed and Licensed by Kids Station Toys

International Ltd." is printed on the back of the toy phones. Toy phones

with a screw visible on the hinge cover are not subject to the recall.

Consumers should contact Kids Station toll-free at (888) 620-0930 between 8

a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday for instructions on obtaining a

free replacement or visit More info at


Miele Inc. is recalling Residential Super-large Gas Dryers sold nationwide

from March 2007 to December 2007. If the dryer is improperly installed, the

dryer's internal gas fitting can loosen, posing a risk of gas leaking into

the house. Any gas leak that is not detected can cause asphyxiation, a fire

or an explosion. Also, one or both of the caps on the internal exhaust duct

can become dislodged, which can cause lint to build up and be carried

through the gas burner. This poses a risk of fire.

The recall involves Miele gas dryers, model T 9820. The dryers are

residential super-large capacity units that are white-colored. The serial

number can be located on the rim of the door opening, and is written as

"Nr:xx/" followed by an 8-digit number in the range from 66461685 to


Miele has sent direct notices to consumers. Consumers who have not had their

dryer inspected should contact a Miele authorized service provider for a

free inspection and repair.

Consumers can also contact Miele at (800) 420-1813 anytime, or visit More info at


Provo Craft & Novelty Inc. is recalling Candlsense Warmers sold nationwide

from August 2006 to October 2007. The internal heating element of the candle

warmer can detach and melt the bottom of its plastic casing, which can in

turn ignite or scorch the surface on which the candle warmer is placed,

posing a fire hazard.

This recall involves the Candlsense warmers with product codes ranging from

YD0629 through YD0652 and YD0701 through YD0708. "Provo Craft & Novelty

Candle Warmer Air Freshener Model: WCY-8888" and the product code are

embossed on the underside of the warmer.

Consumers should contact Provo Craft at (888) 306-0132 between 8 a.m. and 5

p.m. ET Monday through Friday to receive a voucher or visit More info at


Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores is recalling Best Value Park Benches sold at

their stores nationwide from January 2008 to March 2008. The benches can

become unstable and break, posing a fall hazard.

This recall involves Best Value park benches with a green metal frame and

wooden slats. The benches measure 50-inches long by 22-inches wide by

30-inches high.

Consumers should return the product to the nearest Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft

store for a full refund.

Consumers can also contact Jo-Ann Stores at (888) 739-4120 between 8 a.m.

and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit

;jsessionid=4EYXCBK2L3DEOP4SY5KVAFR50LD3OUPU. More info at


QuinCrafts is recalling Makit & Bakit Jewelry Sets and Suncatcher Sets sold

nationwide from August 2007 to March 2008. The clasps on some of the jewelry

contains high levels of lead.

The recall includes QuinCrafts products containing children's jewelry. A

complete list of the recalled product can be found at

Consumers should contact QuinCrafts at (800) 366-4660 between 9 a.m. and 5

p.m. ET, Monday through Friday for a replacement jewelry set or visit More info at


TWIE, also known as Tradewinds International Enterprises Inc. is recalling

"Sky Champion" Wireless Indoor Helicopters sold at Walgreens stores

nationwide from June 2007 to November 2007. The rechargeable battery

contained inside the helicopter can catch fire, igniting the helicopter and

nearby combustible materials. This poses a burn or fire hazard.

This recall involves the "Sky Champion" wireless indoor helicopter. The

helicopter comes with a transmitter that controls and recharges the

helicopter. "BH26047" is printed on the tail of the helicopter. "WIC 551777"

and the UPC code is 630990006005 are printed on the packaging.

Consumers should contact TWIE at (888) 583-4908 anytime for a full refund.

More info at