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Newborn born after emergency c-section going home

FARGO - A baby born last month following an emergency Caesarean section after a two-vehicle crash is expected to be released from Fargo's MeritCare Hospital today, according to a news release.

Jordan James Aguilar has been hospitalized since birth and was originally listed in critical condition.

Aimee Aguilar, of Mahnomen, Minn., was two days past her due date when she was driving westbound on Minnesota Highway 200 and a 16-year-old girl driving eastbound struck her vehicle.

Aguilar's stomach hit the steering wheel and her placenta separated from her son, leaving him without oxygen for an undetermined amount of time.

Doctors have said he was born with signs of brain damage due to the lack of oxygen.

"His future remains uncertain but his survival has surprised his medical team," the release said.

Authorities have not released the name of the other driver, who is also from Mahnomen, but have said charges are likely.