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Bible retreat focuses on 'Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes'

From older people to teens, every woman strives to achieve high self-esteem. Nowadays, with make-up, plastic surgery and the latest fashions, women will do their best to acquire beauty.

But does God care how you look on the outside?

"Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes" was a Bible Retreat put on by the ELCA Women Clusters 5, 6, and 7 on June 2. This retreat touched on the self-esteem issues many women deal with today and how to see yourself the way God sees you, as a "Child of God."

Every year, on the first Monday of June, the ELCA holds a Women's Bible Retreat. The retreat is put together by three different individuals which make up the theme. A Bible study leader, an inspirational presenter, and a musical presentation.

This year the ELCA owes a special thanks to Bible study leader Ornetta Bergstrom of Big Twin Lake. Also to the inspirational presenter, Pastor Laurie Natwick of Moorhead. Along with music presenters Paulette Deutsch and Barb Mariatuen, both of Northwood, N.D.

The Bible study, led by Bergstrom, went into depth on self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, and God-confidence.

The study brought you into knowing yourself more. It showed our needs, reasons for low self-esteem, symptoms of low self-esteem, how precious we are in the Lord's sight and talked about living lives worthy of our calling. It was a wonderful study that spoke mostly on being a "Child of God" and seeing yourself that way!

The inspirational message by Natwick made many laugh and hearts ache. Her stories of finding God in meaningful situations spoke to everyone in one way or another. She spoke on the beauty of the Lord in the church, but not forgetting the beauty of God in everyday lives. She reminded each woman to be a vessel led by the Lord.

The music presenters, Deutsch and Mariatuen, gave the listeners an extravagant sound of music on Monday morning. Between Deutsch's lovely voice and Mariatuen's wonderful pianist skills, the music flowed together.

"Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes" was a spectacular experience for women. Though it was mostly attended by older women, it was a teaching that all ages could learn from.