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Jacobs is Lake Park Lion of the Year

Dixi Jacobs didn't expect to be honored for his work with the Lions Club in Lake Park.

But with all the time and effort Jacobs has put in since joining the Lions in 1982, his award for Lions Club Lion of the Year was bound to happen.

"I'm very humbled," Jacobs said.

The award, voted on by his fellow local club members, isn't new to the family. Jacobs' wife Ellie won the award two years ago.

It isn't about getting a plaque that motivates Jacobs. He just wants to do some good in the world.

"I just try to help," he said.

Part of the projects that the Lake Park club does is donating eyeglasses to send down to Mexico. Jacobs admits that his role is being part of a cog in a big machine that gets the job done.

"We make a big difference in some things," Jacobs said. "Everybody works together."

One aspect that has helped the Lake Park club is women joining. Lions Clubs started admitting women as members in 1987.

Jacobs said that the Lake Park club was in danger of folding - dropping from about 18 members to six or seven. He said that the advice of the national organization was to get wives involved.

And they have been a big help, especially with breakfasts that are put on.

"They do all the work," Jacobs said. "(Because) the men can't cook."