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Kudos to DL Community Center for 1 million visits

Congratulations to the Detroit Lakes Community and Cultural Center on checking in one million people in just six-and-a-half-years.

I wonder how soon it will be before another million people check into this wonderful facility in Detroit Lakes.

I began attending an exercise session at St. Mary's Regional Health Center in 2000. I have an inherited lung disease called Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and I needed supplemental oxygen to exercise.

This was provided by the hospital. I wanted to quit the exercise session at the hospital when insurance quit covering, however, I realized I had to keep exercising or my limited lung function would only get worse. I took part in the program at S, Mary's until October of 2007, when it was discontinued.

The next month, I began exercising at the DLCCC. Bringing a tall bottle of oxygen to the DLCCC each time was a nuisance. After two months, Lincare and the DLCCC worked out an arrangement where my oxygen supply could be left at the DLCCC and Lincare would exchange the bottles on an as-needed basis. This service is very much appreciated as well as convenient for me.

Many of the people I saw on a regular basis at exercise at the hospital began coming to the DLCCC. A few suggested another Nu-Step exercise machine was needed and we missed the upper body ergometer (rowing machine) that was at the hospital. Within three months, these two machines were added to an already long line of equipment at the DLCCC.

The community center has made a special effort to accommodate me so I am able to get the proper exercise for my already limited lung function. I am fortunate to have good medical insurance that pays towards the cost of my exercise, provided I do my part and check in 12 times per month. I go when it is convenient for me. The staff is friendly and accommodating to those with special needs.

I really like the walking track. One lap is 480 feet. If I can make one lap before stopping to rest, that is good for me. If I can make two laps, 960 feet, I think I am really having a good breathing day. Being able to use the various machines is an added bonus.

Residents in this community are very fortunate to have a facility like the DLCCC available to them at a reasonable cost. It gets well used by the public and there is plenty of room for more residents to use it.

Don't wait until medical problems force you to began an exercise program. Start while you are physically able to exercise and stay with it.

As you continue to age to perfection, you will be glad you were a part of the "second million" at the DLCCC.

-- Roger Engstrom, Detroit Lakes