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New bovine TB requirements take effect today in Minnesota

Effective today (June 15) regulations will go into effect for livestock herds in the proposed "Split State Zone," an area within Roseau, Lake of the Woods, Beltrami, and Marshall counties.

Herds in the zone will be required to have an annual whole-herd TB test and maintain up-to-date contact information with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health (BAH). Animals moving off the farm will need a whole herd test, individual animal identification, an individual TB test within 60 days prior to movement, and a movement certificate. Cattle going directly to slaughter or to slaughter through a state or federally inspected market are exempt from the 60 day individual animal test.

In addition, all livestock producers in the proposed "Modified Accredited Zone" (also known as the Split State Zone) should have provided the BAH with up-to-date contact and premises information by today's deadline in order to be in compliance with these regulations. Once the regulations take effect, law enforcement officials will have the authority to stop trucks and check that animal movement is in compliance with these regulations. Any person who is in violation of these regulations is subject to criminal or civil penalties.

The BAH is in the process of applying to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a Split State Status, which if approved, would enable much of the state to upgrade its TB status while the affected area of northwest Minnesota will remain at Modified Accredited. As part of the application, the Board must develop a zone and demonstrate to USDA that there is a plan in place to prevent the disease from spreading out of that zone.

"We understand the extra burden this places on our livestock producers in these counties but thank them for their cooperation as we continue our eradication efforts," said Joe Martin, Minnesota Bovine TB Coordinator. "We are committed to aggressively eradicating bovine TB, in cattle and in deer, and these regulations are essential for disease control response."

Additional information is available by visiting the Bovine TB website at or by calling the Bovine TB Hotline at 1-877-MN TB FREE (668-2373).