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Oregon man wins Think-Off debate

NEW YORK MILLS - An Oregon man is the winner of this year's Great American Think-Off, a national philosophy competition that gives ordinary people the chance to debate some of life's perplexing questions.

This year's question was: "Does immigration strengthen or threaten the United States?"

Craig Allen of West Lynn, Ore., won a gold medal Saturday after a live audience in New York Mills decided he was most convincing when arguing that the system of immigration and immigration policy is broken. He says it encourages an influx of illegal immigrants and poses a threat to the country.

During the debate, the four Think-Off finalists touched on what it means to be an American and stressed that American identity is evolving.

The silver medal winner is Deana Cavaliere from Richfield. She argued that immigrants of diverse cultures have created a mix of ideas that makes America an innovative and wealthy country.