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National Weather Service reports three tornadoes hit Hubbard County last week

The National Weather Service has revised the number of tornadoes that hit Hubbard County last week to three.

Previously NWS meteorologists theorized that four twisters struck the area June 6.

On June 10, a new report, along with the storm path and times of touch-down, was released.

"Times are based on some of the play-by-play reporting we got through the sheriff's office and through interviews with various affected persons," said Gregory Gust, warning coordination meteorologist for NWS. "Of course there are numerous other details and locations which we have not been able to investigate."

Gust said public input will be valuable in assessing areas that may have escaped initial attention by weather service and emergency personnel. Meteorologists are in the process of posting aerial photos and maps of the trajectory.

The report details three distinct tornado tracks. The two longest tracks extend in a "nearly continuous path from the south edge of Stocking Lake, about one mile east of Menahga, to about one mile northwest of Emmaville," the report states. "A third small track was detected by the DNR in southeast Hubbard County, about 4.5 miles south of Chamberlain."

The Menahga tornado, at 9:14 a.m., was rated EF 2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. It had a maximum width of 450 yards by the time it reached the Jennie-O turkey farm and was packing wind speeds of 130 mph. It lifted a small home off its foundation and destroyed an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 turkeys.

"Yellow polystyrene insulation from the turkey barns was spread as far as Lake George, 30 miles to the north," the report states.

After crossing Hinds Lake, the tornado continued to flatten trees and produce localized roof damage. The tornado vortex sucked an irrigation section out of the ground and splayed it onto the roadway in Straight River Township.

It then headed between Long Lake and Park Rapids, nudging vehicles off the road without causing injuries, then lifted back into the sky.

Tornado No. 2, an EF 3 reported at 9:37 a.m., developed near County Road 4 and Highway 18, about five miles northeast of Park Rapids. It probably brushed the west side of Big Sand Lake, curved west over County Road 4 and skirted east of Blue Lake.

It grew wider and intensified as it approached Pickerel Lake, reaching maximum width of 400 yards and speeds of 160 mph. "Nearly all the trees on the (lake's southern) point were flattened in a variety of spiral patterns, while one trailer home, a camper, a garage and a house were swept from their foundations and completely destroyed," the report notes.

"The tornado diminished in width and intensity as it passed just west of Emmaville, but continued to topple trees, tear apart weaker storage structures and toss debris before dissipating about one mile northwest of Emmaville, around 9:47 a.m."

Tornado No. 3, rated an EF 1, "likely occurred between 10:43 and 10:44," the report states. This damage was confined to an area of three to four acres in Badoura Township, just east of Highway 87, where trees were flattened in an interlacing pattern. Tree damage suggests wind speeds of 100 mph, the report says, with a maximum width of 30 yards for one-half mile.