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DL man accused of damaging car in jealous rage

Walter David Draack, 32, of 13416 Pearl Lake Road, Detroit Lakes, has been charged in Becker County District Court with two counts of felony first-degree criminal damage to property and felony fifth-degree assault.

According to court records:

In the early morning hours of May 10, Draack allegedly attacked a vehicle in a jealous rage, after blocking it from leaving a residence where his ex-girlfriend had gone with a group of friends.

After he blocked the vehicle from leaving, he allegedly got out yelling and screaming that he would kill the people in the vehicle. He tried to open the vehicle doors but the occupants had locked them. He then allegedly jumped on the vehicle and punched the windshield four times, finally shattering it. A repair estimate showed $2,755 in damage to the vehicle.

The driver eventually was able to back up and go around Draack's vehicle and get away. Draack fled the scene.

On June 13, Becker County District Judge Joe Evans issued a warrant for his arrest. Draack was previously convicted of violating an order for protection in 2005 and third-degree assault in 2007.