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Miss Northwest, Frazee place in top 5 at Miss Minnesota

The Detroit Lakes Area was represented well this past weekend at the Miss Minnesota pageant in Eden Prairie, Minn.

Miss Northwest MacKenzie Ross took first runner up, and Miss Frazee Katie Dretsch won fourth runner up.

The first place winner was Miss Twin Cities Angie McDermott.

The new Miss Minnesota will go on to compete in the Miss America pageant.

Ross said it was exciting to be involved in Miss Minnesota again, but was "obviously a little bummed."

"But, I moved one step up this year, so maybe one more year will be all it takes," she said, referring to her second runner up place as Miss Brainerd Lakes last year.

Miss Northwest pageant director Cindy Moore said she thought Ross did well at Miss Minnesota, and that she will have a good chance at winning in the future.

"If I could say one thing about MacKenzie's performance this weekend, it's that she has tremendous stage presence," Moore said. "She is poised and graceful and she just shines on stage. I think she really has what it takes."

Ross said she was confident during the pageant, and wouldn't change anything, looking back, although she said an emergency tornado evacuation during the pageant made it "a little tense."

"My talent was the best I'd ever danced," she said.

Ross will give up her crown as Miss Northwest on July 11.

"It's been a fun year and everyone in Detroit Lakes has been so welcoming," she said. "I'm going to miss it. My favorite restaurant, Miguel's, is here, so I was joking with Paul (her fiancée) that we might have to drive to DL just for dinner sometime. It's so good!"

Moore said she will be sad to see Ross leave when she turns over her crown to the new Miss Northwest.

"These girls really do become like a part of my family, like a daughter," she said. "But I will be happy for her wherever she goes."

Miss Frazee co-director Jay Estenson said it was the first time Miss Frazee had placed in the top five at Miss Minnesota.

Estenson said she thought all the girls "from the north" did well at the pageant.

"That always makes us proud," she said. "We always say you can take a girl out of the country and put her in the city pretty well, but you can't always take a girl from the city and put her in the country."

Ross said she recently decided to compete in the Miss Heart of the Lakes pageant on July 25 this summer.

"The girl that won, Angie, she is a great, genuine girl," Ross said. "There's no hard feelings."