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Summer movies in the park nixed

DETROIT LAKES - Detroit Lakes resident Scott Brevik said he wanted to show movies in the city's bandshell as something for families to do together on a Friday night, but without some financial support, that's not going to happen.

Brevik got approval last week from the Detroit Lakes City Council to show movies at the bandshell, but he said he was disappointed the city wouldn't kick in any money for the cause.

"There's interest in it, but in order to do a movie, you have to go through legal rights and it's $250 to get a movie," he said. "And I'm not going to shell out another $250 out of my pocket because I'm not gaining anything out of this except trying to get community involvement and community activities going on."

Brevik said he has already purchased a screen and projector but didn't want to invest anymore in the project without more support.

"Everybody is interested in it, but nobody wants to do anything to try and help out at all," he said. "Right now I'm not in the movie business to just show free movies to let people have an activity without making anything out of it."

Brevik said he has talked to a couple of people about sponsoring the movies, but said he hasn't gotten any responses because companies are leery, and rightfully so, he admitted, until they know how good of a turnout it would produce.

He said he's looking to promote the bandshell and will donate the use of $1,000 in equipment, but would like some support from the city or other sponsors. But unfortunately, he said, that's not likely to happen at this point and with this short notice.

"I'm basically just going to let it go. I would love to have somebody else sponsor it."

He said also with his karaoke business schedule and events taking place in the park, he has a very limited number of Fridays available to host the movies.

The council agreed to allow him to show movies on Friday nights throughout June and July. They then agreed to take a look at the matter and see how it was going before continuing on with it.

"I think the community could really use it," Brevik said. "I think families would love it."

Brevik said he'd be happy to give the movie night a try if he had some financial backing. Anyone interested in sponsoring a movie can call Brevik at 847-9519.